About us

Miriam Vermeeren started breeding in 1990. She breeds longhaired dutch sheperds with the kennelname Mirrewil. For more than fifteen years she also bred Welsh corgi pembroke. She's married to Stephan Wonders who breeds Golden retrievers with the kennelname Istvan's.

Both of them have finished lawschool. Miriam is also a mediator. Stephan is a fulltime tax-advisor and is specialized in estateplanning. Miriam works parttime as a lawadvisor and mediator with the local government. They have three children: Kathelijne (female 1995), Sjoerd (male 1997) and Koen (male 2002).

Besides breeding occasionally, Miriam has always been busy in several dog activities. She's been chairlady of the longhaired dutch sheperd advisory breeding committee for more than ten years, teaches dogbehaviour, is an asp. Dogbehavour jugde, asp. Rescuedogjudge and chairlady of a policedogclub.

After training dogs in dutch obedience and policedogtraining and teaching others to do so, Miriam is training rescue dogs for more than fifteen years now. She's a member of the international rescue dog group (IRG). At the moment she's a fully qualified disaster rescue team with the german sheperd Eros. She's training a wirehaired dutch sheperd to be qualified too.

She also likes iceland horses. They own two mares which both Miriam and Stephan like to ride.