Family Chronicle

Ancestress of our kennel is kamp. Aura van de Sylverster Stee. With her we have breeded in the 90's three nests (C, D and E-nest).

With daughters of Aura followed the Istvan's B-nest (of Mirrewil's Aura Chelly) and the G, I and K-nest (of kamp. Mirrewil's Aura Dutch).

Afterwards came the granddaughters: the N-nest of kamp. Mirrewil's Dutch Imke and the O and S-nest of Mirrewil's Dutch Iffy.

Faimshey's Sheperd Bets on Sterre is one of the great granddaughters of Aura. Kamp. Mirrewil's Iffy Krishnabas is her father. Sterre is mom of the R-nest.

Besides that is Sterre a daughter of Mirrewil's Ha die Sheperd who was born in the H-nest of which Dynamite Duvelke van de Passchin the mother was.

With another great granddaughter is: Zomao van de Noordennol (Zusje) we breeded the V-nest. Imke is her grandma.

Another generation further is great-grat granddaughter Faimshey's Cailin Durske. Mirrewil's Dutch Kadjango is her grandfather. Durske mother of the T-nest.

Another great-great granddaughter is Stemma's Aitoo-Xaja (Iina). Kamp. Istvan's Chelly Bright is her far grandfather. Iina is the mother of of the U- and W-nest. In the future we hope to breed a second nest with Faimshey's Cailin Durske and her daughter Mirrewil's Durske Tante Touch. With Faimshey's Cailin Effe (Lady) we hope to breed a nest in 2011.

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