Istvan's Golden Retrievers

Under the kennel name Istvan's Stephan has breed 7 nests of Golden Retrievers, besides a nest of long hair Dutch Shepherd. The tribe mom Ginette (Od win Ghinsel Ginette) who became 16 years old, did have raised three nests. Her offspring are a combination of 300% loyalty family dog with a fine talent for the original work of the Golden Retriever. Most of them have inhertited her warm dark golden colour. Ginette was in possesion of the certificates GG1 and KNJV-B.

Her daughter Istvan's Ginette Armas has several KNJV-A certificates and was competing for years national competitions.

With another daughter Dizzy (Istvan's Ginette Dizzy) we breeded three nests.

Granddaughter Istvan's Dizzy Geynte did had her second nest in 2011. Her daughter Duty stayd with us and promisses to be great Golden like her mom.