Brains before Beauty

This expression, which in basic means 'a good mind is more important then a good package', express very well our vision with breeding of the long haire Dutch Shepherds.

The character of the dogs is and will be the most important criterium for our choice of dogs with who we breed. Stability and loyalty are also key words.

Which doesn't mean that the dogs we breed with are lazy. A good long hair Dutch Shepherd is in our opion a dog who can adjust his temprament to the situation.

In this way the Dutch Shepherds are a lot like the Iceland horses, who can stay cool in almost every situation, but when the Icelands fire is nescessary it will splash.

A good body is hereby obviously. An attractive apperiance is a plus, but certainly not a must. Everybody has his own taste, that's why the ideal image of one is not the same of another. Especially the colour of the long hair is relative. The puppies are often magic balls, who often grow up alot lighter or darker then the puppie fur shows.

In our opinion that doesn't matter, if you have a dog that suits you things like colour are unimportant.

Because we find the charactar very important, the choice for a certain pup will be made when the puppies are about 7 weeeks old and after they had a test. In which way we want to make sure the match between puppie and the new owner is maximum.