Father: Barrow van de Woudstreek (HD-A,KNJV-A diploma's)
Mother: Od Win Ghisel Ginette

Born: 2 October 1993
Male: 3
Female: 3

Istvan's Ginette Aaron Spyke
Spyke went to the family van Vliet in Moordrecht and worked as a fine hunting dog.

Istvan's Ginette Axel-Beau
Beau has lived in Nijmegen with the family Koppers.

Istvan's Ginette Amos
Amos went to Germany with the family Holt from Haselünne and worked as a hunting dog.

Istvan's Ginette Armas
Armas staid with us for a short time and developed as a hunting dog. But when Stephan got in a car accident, she found a new home at Marina Janssen. Who trained her and became very succesfull. Armas has several KNJV-A certificates. Armas was HD-B.

Istvan's Ginette Amber
Amber went to family Van Genderen in Hardinxveld-Giessendam.

Istvan's Ginette Anouschka
Anouschka lived with the family Van Wetten in Gemert.