Iceland Horses

Iceland horses and Dutch Sheperds are more alike then you would notice at first sight. Good representatives are not easily stressed, but are full off action when their human companion ask for it.

Both off our Iceland ladies Una frá Malou and Skessa van Darthoven are 'bomproof' and to ride them through the nature is really pleasant. Besides that is Skessa an excellent sports horse. Together with Kathelijne enjoys she competing at (iceland horses) games. After winning last years Dutch champion ships for the part V5Y, she won this years National Champion ships of not only the part V5Y, but also T7Y and the Trial. For several years they formed together with the appaloosa shetlander gelding Tommy our herd, who staid next to our house. Now our herd has expended. The gelding Mundilfari frá Fjó Héri, nickname Ferrari because of his huge speed and turbo runnig desire. And if that's not all we breeded foals for three years on a row under the stable name 'frá mirrewil'. After the black-colourful stallion foal named 'Spotti' of Skessa, two wild coloured black stallion foals: Katur and Toppur followed. Every foal have the top stallion Skorri frá Gunnarsholti as a dad. To let the foals develop to stable and healthy horses who are polite and pleasant to be around with and are reliable horses are good parent animals a must. After thei first year at home in the herd, will the foals grow up towards majurity in a herd of their congeners at a grazings area. Spotti (2008) is at the moment a stallion and stays at a mixed group of stallion and mares in a beautiful 110 hectare big nature areai with forrest, field and moor. Katur (2009) and Toppur (2010) spend their time with a group of other young stallions at a big area next to shores.