Father: Multi kamp. Jolly Gambler van het Wiekse Veld (HD-A)
Mother: Od Win Ghisel Ginette

Born: 14 June 1995
Male: 5
Female: 6

Istvan's Ginette CÚsar Maxim
Maxim went to the family Gaasbeek in Utrecht.

Istvan's Ginette Corguy
Guy went to the family van Dis in Grijpskerke.

Istvan's Ginette Caleb-Joy
Joy lived with the family Harms in Ridderkerk.

Istvan's Ginette Cyber
Cyber went to the family Hoog in Lintelo.

Istvan's Ginette Cartouche
Cartouche lived with the family Langeveld in Bussum.

Istvan's Ginette Charmant Goldy
Goldy lived with the family Schalke in Son en Breughel.

Istvan's Ginette Celine Ashley
Ashley went to the family Hak in Lienden.

Istvan's Ginette Caja
Caja lived with the family Markering in Hoorn.

Istvan's Ginette Colourfull Jessie
Jessie lived with the family Putz in Helmond.

Istvan's Ginette Chasing Lana
Lana went to the family vd Bogaert in Geldrop and worked as a hunting dog.

Istvan's Ginette Cara Romi
Romi lived with the family Riemens in Middelburg.