Father: Multi kamp. Jolly Gambler van het Wiekse Veld (HD-A)
Mother: Od Win Ghisel Ginette

Born: 8 April 1997
Male: 5
Female: 4

Istvan's Ginette Doerak Nosey
Nosey lived with the family Vos in Berghem.

Istvan's Ginette Dibbes
Dibbes went to the family Blanker in Wassenaar.

Istvan's Ginette Dorus
Dorus lived with the family van Beckhoven in Roermond.

Istvan's Ginette Djaro
Djaro lived with the family Paar in Reuver.

Istvan's Ginette Dorus Sitha
Dorus Sitha ilived with the family van de Wiel in Best.

Istvan's Ginette Devoted Jill
Jill went to her sister Jessie (uit het C-nest) in Helmond.

Istvan's Ginette Dahra Esra
Esra lived with the family Helgers in Guttecoven.

Istvan's Ginette Dizzy
Dizzy staid with us and is mom of the E, F en G-nest.

Istvan's Ginette Darling Shelley
Shelley lived with the family Geerings in Helmond.