Father: Alibren Magnum Force
Mother: Istvan's Ginette Dizzy

Born: 8 April 2005
Male: 7
Female: 2

Istvan's Dizzy Gijs Willem
Willem went to the family Nouwens in Middelburg .

Istvan's Dizzy Gogetter Kian
Kian went to the Petra Kolen-Hartman in Bergeijk. Petra is owner of kennel van de Gogetters and Kian is used as a breed male dog. Kian is HD-A, ED-free and free of eye disfunctions.

Istvan's Dizzy Golden Sam
Sam went to the family Hartemink in Zetten.

Istvan's Dizzy Guillot Sammie
Sammie went to the family Blaasse in Castricum.

Istvan's Dizzy Guy Flint
Flint went to the family Weemen in Haps.

Istvan's Dizzy Grizou
Grizou went to the family Nolcken in Stadhagen (Germany).

Istvan's Dizzy Gentleman
Gentle lives with Anne-marie Vreman. He is the lord of the kennel Faimshey's.

Istvan's Dizzy Geynte
Geynte staid with us and is mom of H and I-nest.

Istvan's Dizzy Goldy Joy
Joy went to the family SchroŽn in Beringe.