Shorthaired but powerfull

Mees Mazzel van het Oude Landras ("Mazzel") is Miriam's male shorthaired Dutch Shepherdkortharige hollandse herder, who currently lives with a good friend.

Mazzel's education to become a rescue dog was due to bad luck interrupted at a young age. A ruptured cruciate threw spanner in the works for this very people friendly, stable dog.
Mazzel is HDA, Dutch Champion, JW 2006, and res. Winner 2007. In the meanwhile he became father of three nests. His son Niek van het oude Landras did become JW and Winner in 2007.

Because Mazzel is such a great dog both physical as his character, Mazzel is available for breeding. DNA profile available.

Mazzel is father of three nests:
1. Mees Mazzel van het oude Landras x Jikkemien van het oude Landras
7 pups, male: Nelis, kamp. Niek, Noudje en Nanno and female: Ninke, Nanne en Nelie.
2. Mees Mazzel van het oude Landras x Femke Anouk van Stavast
7 pups, male: Hugo, Hessel, Hidde, Hannes en Hiske-Jody and female: Hester-Anouk en Hummer- Femke.
3. Mees Mazzel van het oude Landras x Floor van de Gravenschans
7 pups.

Parents of Mazzel: Bruno van de Gravenschans x kamp. Ida Maartje van het oude Landras