Search with Passion

The major attraction of rescue dog work is according to Miriam the fact that it is impossible to force a dog to be 100% loyal, for a long period of time and under hard circumstances to search to unknown people that are missing or burried under a lot of rubble. Positive stimulance and motivation are the key words for training a dog to be a rescue working dog.

After years of experience with the longhaired male Eager van de Sylvester Stee, Miriam has formed for years a team with the shepherd Meike. At this moment Miriam and Eros are a team. The roughhaired male Dapper (Dappere Dorus van Brabantstad) and the golden retriever Duty (Istvan's Geyntje Idutiny) are in training to becoming a rescue working dog.

Black Pearl
For several years the German shepherd Eros van de ronden Hoek is part of our herd. Due to family circumstances followed by an illness the last owner of Eros couldn't keep him. At the moment he arrived at our place, this four year old male dog had received the certificates UV, VZH, IPO 1, 2 en 3. These results weren't the reason why he is so special.

Eros is above all a stable and social dog to children and adults, other dogs and animals. He is extremely talented for rescue dog work and combines a huge working drive and with lot of catch desire, without any form of agression! He also has a contagious enthusiasm to work with Miriam as a rescue working dog. Together they got the certificates for KNPV rubble B and SIN rubble and SIN lowland.